How you can GAIN MORE MARKS in uptu exam .

1.question are 150 and time is 180 minutes so you should be fast since many question are lengthy

2.bring your own watch for time management in exam since as per my experience, the invigilators are very rude so you should not expect this from them

3.there is no negative marking so when it’s just last 5 minutes just fill in the unattended answers as it may help you a little more to improve

4.consider that you may barely get 120-150 minutes to solve paper since as far as i remember for year 2015 when my exam center was in a top college(DTU), there management was very bad. exam commenced 15 minutes late and during the exam time they ask to fill all the initials like name, roll no, the circling consumes several minutes so as far as i calculate,

 UPTU was easiest of all. Getting good marks in UPTU is an art, one who contemplates it can achieve quite high..But I would say, UPTU is the most unpredictable university, I have seen toppers who could not even achieve passing marks in some subjects during their initial years and later turns out to be the top scorers of their branch. You just need to analyse the pattern that is being followed probably the last 5 years papers would be enough to understand what sort of questions are being asked..Generally most of the questions repeat over and some are sure shot to appear in ur question paper..UPTU exams doesn’t test ur reasoning skill, its simply like u see the question and starts writing it what u have mugged up until you reach to the bottom right corner of your answer sheet..

Filling the answer sheets with right content, neat representation of data and diagrams, ofcourse good hand writing definitely helps you flattening the examiner ,clear, catchy bold titles and headings will fetch you good marks..

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